Friday, July 29, 2011

Vatican nuncio to Ireland moving to Czech Republic

Is this the same pattern we saw, e.g. with Cardinal Bernard Law ? The Irish government has been highly critical for some time of Vatican non-action and foot-dragging in the sexual abuse crisis. Much of this was directed at the Papal Nuncio who declined to talk to Irish commissions when requested to do so. After release of the Cloyne report, the emotional level racheted up and the Prime Minister delivered a blistering speech very critical of the Vatican. After that the Papal Nuncio was recalled to Rome, usually used by governments as a sign of distaste over actions of another government. Now it appears the Papal Nuncio is being re-assigned to the Czech Republic and so will never be available to answer questions about why things were done or not done in dealing with the crisis in Ireland. The following is from the BBC.

The Vatican's nuncio to Ireland is to be transferred to the Czech Republic.

The Pope recalled Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza following criticism of the Catholic Church by the Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

The remarks followed the publication of the Cloyne report into the church's mishandling of cases of clerical sex abuse in County Cork.

In a blistering attack, Mr Kenny accused the church of putting its reputation ahead of child rape victims.

After the recall, vice-director of the Vatican press office Father Ciro Benedettini said the nuncio's recall "should be interpreted as an expression of the desire of the Holy See for serious and effective collaboration with the (Irish) government".

He added that it "denotes the seriousness of the situation and the Holy See's desire to face it objectively and determinately.

"Nor does it exclude some degree of surprise and disappointment at certain excessive reactions."

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