Thursday, July 21, 2011

The surprising outcome of Bishop Lahey's trial

It's a constant surprise how deeply the sexual problem infests the priesthood, up to high levels. This story didn't get a lot of press in the states-

from Catholic Culture, May 6, 2011:
Most of us were caught off guard on Wednesday, May 4, when Bishop Raymond Lahey pleaded guilty to child-pornography charges and announced that he wanted to begin his prison term (a 1-year minimum) immediately.

But some people were evidently not surprised. And therein lies a tale.

In the 20 months since he was apprehended at the Ottawa airport, carrying a laptop computer loaded with files of pornography, Bishop Lahey had not given any indication that he would acknowledge his guilt. His lawyer worked the case slowly through the Canadian legal system, accepting several postponements. The guilty plea came only as the case went to trial. If Bishop Lahey wanted to plead guilty—if he was anxious to begin serving his sentence immediately!--couldn’t that have been arranged months ago?

See entire article at Catholic Culture

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