Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Irish politician calls for Dublin Catholic conference to be postponed

I understand the Pope's visit near year to Ireland is no longer being discussed. Now priests and politicians are asking that the planned Eucharistic Congress in Dublin be postponed.

Henry McDonald, Ireland correspondent, Wednesday 27 July 2011 19.26 BST

Senator Cáit Keane says cancel liturgical event given row with Vatican over inquires into child sex abuse by priests in Ireland

Ireland's taoiseach, Enda Kenny, lambasted the Vatican’s attitude to investigations in Ireland. The Vatican responded by recalling its ambassabor.
In another sign of worsening relations between Ireland and the Vatican a member of the ruling Fine Gael party has called for the postponement of an international Catholic conference in Dublin next year.

Senator Cáit Keane said the Eucharistic Congress, which is scheduled to be held in the capital's Phoenix Park in June, to be put off in the light of the row over the Vatican's attitude to clerical child sex abuse inquiries in the republic.

She said she backed suggestions from a group of rebel Catholic priests that one of the largest liturgical Catholic events be postponed.

Speaking in the Irish parliament, Keane said: "I support the Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland's request to postpone this event as I believe it is not an appropriate time for an event such as the Eucharistic Congress to take place in this country.

"I believe that everyone will be better served, given the sensitivities around the findings of this report, that it be held at a later date.

"The association has over five hundred ordinary priests as members in this country who are not afraid to speak out on the injustices and wrongdoings in the Church, and we must support their efforts to stand up and be counted."

Full article at the Guardian

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