Thursday, July 14, 2011

Philadelphia: is help coming?

I grew up in the archdiocese of Philadelphia. It is disheartening to see developments there with the last two Cardinal archbishops and high diocesan officials named in old and new grand jury reports as continuing the pattern of deceptive coverup and protection of predators. Now it appears Cardinal Rigali will be resigning soon. See story below from today's NCR. Compare to the recent resignation of Bishop Walsh in Santa Rosa who, according to the Vatican, "was stepping down under the code of canon law that says bishops are asked to offer their resignation for some serious issue that makes them unfit for office."

Finally, it appears that the Holy See is set to accept the resignation of Philadelphia’s embattled archbishop, Cardinal Justin Rigali and to name his replacement. A source tells me a press conference can be expected as early as tomorrow or, more likely, early next week.
The announcement can’t come soon enough: a chancery official described the situation in Philadelphia as “quicksand…everything feels like it is sinking.” Ever since the release of a second Grand Jury report in February indicated that the archdiocese had failed to follow its own procedures regarding child protection, and the subsequent removal of some two dozen clergy from ministry, the clergy and the people have felt demoralized. Few dioceses have maintained the esprit de corps among their clergy as has Philadelphia. A friend joked, “You know, they never needed lectures on priestly identity in Philly.” But, in addition to the sense of shock at the behavior of some of their fellow priests, the sense that the administration of the archdiocese was perfectly content to throw the innocent and the guilty alike under the bus to make it appear like the problems were being addressed has left the presbyterate deeply demoralized. The people of God, of course, feel betrayed by the hierarchy yet again.

See full story at NCR July 14, 2011

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