Friday, August 19, 2011

Sad news for Scotland

Another post from the Scottish site Laodicia. They are worried that they might have to hold hands during the Our Father. Oh, my!

One of the good things about being a Catholic in Scotland is that you get to kneel from the “Pray, brethren”. Or rather, it was. Someone at the episcopal conference had decided that we shouldn’t differ from the English, or that it’s too pious.

“These changes will help to maintain a unity of posture during Mass across the English speaking world,”
said Bishop Joseph Toal of Argyll and the Isles, president of the National Liturgy Commission, to EWTN News on Aug. 3.

Are they going to make all English-speaking Catholics us hold hands for the Our Father as well? And why is unity of posture important only within a language-group anyway?

It would be nice if the clergy either implemented the conciliar reforms fully, letting us sing what’s in the liturgical books instead of pious wallpaper, or just left us to get on with praying. As it is, we get clerical preferences shoved down our throats from the sanctuary, and now in the pews as well.

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