Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Philadelphia archdiocese's sex abuse chair blasts cardinal

PHILADELPHIA (AP) May 14, 2011 – The head of the Philadelphia archdiocese’s panel on priest sex-abuse is blasting the cardinal’s response to the pedophilia crisis, and pulling back the curtain on the panel’s long-secret operations.

Cardinal Justin Rigali and his bishops “failed miserably at being open and transparent,” review board chairwoman Ana Maria Catanzaro wrote this week in the lay Catholic magazine Commonweal.

“What will it take for bishops to accept that their attitude of superiority and privilege only harms their image and the church’s?” Catanzaro wrote in an article titled “The Fog of Scandal.”

A grand jury this year criticized the panel and church officials for leaving dozens of problem priests in ministry.

But Catanzaro said the lay board never saw most of them because the archdiocese prescreened which cases they reviewed.

“She should feel very, very used,” said Nicholas Cafardi, a Duquesne University law professor who once served as counsel to the Pittsburgh archdiocese. “They’re being asked to give credibility to a process that is supposed to involve them but didn’t.”

Full article at CBS news

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