Friday, August 26, 2011

Council and Continuity conference

from Rorate Caeli -

Is there actually an American diocese willing to look beyond the so-called "reform of the reform" to what should rightly been seen as rupture?

The Archdiocese of Phoenix is holding a Conference on the 1965 Rite. Bishops Olmsted, Cordeleone (of Oakland) and Elliot (Auxiliary in Melbourne Australia) will be there, along with some "conservative" liturgists.

It is not a Tridentine Conference but, according to a well-known traditional priest and friend of Rorate, it is his understanding that the underlying message of the conference is that the 1965 Rite was supposed to have been the end of the reform. In other words: a future New Rite was not intended by the bishops in 1965 and became, ultimately, a rupture with tradition.

Our priest source also believes this is not a "reform of the reform" conference either. The reform of the reform assumes that the Novus Ordo is the direction, but it just needs to reigned in a bit. This conference, he believes, is very quietly suggesting that the Novus Ordo should not have been.

If true, this could turn out to be a remarkable event, and we will grant any of our readers who attend the event the ability to post a report on this blog. Just send us your report at

Also interesting will be, if this gets enough pre-conference press, will it be shut down before it ever takes place ..

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