Sunday, August 7, 2011

Less Kneeling and more standing for Scottish Catholics

David Kerr
EWTN News Aug 4, 2011

Scottish Catholics will soon be told to stand during parts of the Mass where they have traditionally knelt. The instruction from the Bishops of Scotland, which has not yet been publicly announced, will come into effect at the beginning of Advent this year.
“These changes will help to maintain a unity of posture during Mass across the English speaking world,” said Bishop Joseph Toal of Argyll and the Isles, president of the National Liturgy Commission, to EWTN News on Aug. 3.
Currently, Scottish Catholics kneel for the Preface of the Eucharistic Prayer as well as for the final blessing and dismissal at the end of Mass. From the First Sunday of Advent – Nov. 27 – they will now be asked to stand for both.
The changes coincide with the introduction of the new English translation of the Mass.
“Make no doubt about it, theses changes in posture are the revenge of trendy liturgists for the introduction of a new, more traditional, translation of the Mass which they really dislike,” said one Scottish priest to EWTN News after being briefed on the changes.
The priest asked to remain anonymous.
“These people don’t like kneeling during any part of the Mass and so have a particular distaste for those traditional, pious Scottish customs which for generations have seen us kneel during Holy Mass more than, say, the English do.”
“In fact, many parishioners will simply see these changes as ‘bringing us into line with England’ and they won’t like that. I’m quite upset myself.”

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