Thursday, October 23, 2014

Archbishop Chaput blasts Vatican debate on family, says 'confusion is of the devil'

David Gibson
Religion News Service
October 22, 2014

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput says he was "very disturbed" by the debate over church teachings on gays and remarried Catholics at this month's Vatican summit, saying it sent a confusing message, and "confusion is of the devil."

In a lecture delivered Monday evening in Manhattan, Chaput also suggested that in the wake of the rapid series of court decisions legalizing same-sex marriage in more than 30 states, Catholic priests might consider opting out of certifying civil marriages as a sign of "principled resistance."


full article at the National Catholic Reporter

[Evidently the gloves are off as conservative bishops strongly criticize progressive bishops like Cardinals Kasper and Marx and even Pope Francis (see comments by Cardinal Burke to the press that Pope Francis had "done a lot of harm" in the Riverfront Times).

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