Monday, February 25, 2013

Papal conclave shapes up with resignations of Cardinals

Two Cardinals drop out of conclave thus far and Pope Benedict XVI permits Cardinals to advance starting date of conclave.

Pope accepts Cardinal O'Brien's resignation
Vatican Insider
Feb. 25, 2013

In a significant and decisive intervention, Pope Benedict XVI has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the Archbishop of Edinburgh and St Andrews following allegations that he had engaged in “improper behavior” with priests in his diocese. The Cardinal announced that he will not participate in the conclave.

The Vatican broke the news February 25, a day after The Observer, a British Sunday daily, revealed that three priests and a former priest had denounced the cardinal to the Vatican for having engaged in “improper behavior” against them in the 1980s. The cardinal has contested those allegations, and has taken legal advice. Yesterday, the Vatican spokesman, Fr Lombardi, said “the Pope has been informed of the allegations, and the problem is in his hands”.

The Vatican statement made no reference to the allegations, and made clear his resignation was accepted for reasons of age in accordance with Canon 401#1. It said the Pope had accepted his resignation on February 18, in other words before The Observer article was published. The decision takes effect immediately. The Vatican also said that the Pope has appointed an Apostolic Administrator for the diocese.


Full article at Vatican Insider

Cardinal Darmaatmadja pulls out of conclave
Vatican Insider
Feb. 25, 2013

There will be 116 and not 117 cardinal electors, as first expected from the official list of those who will choose the future Pope, after Benedict XVI steps down at 8 pm on 28 February next. The 78 year-old Indonesian Cardinal Julius Riyadi Darmaatmadja, Archbishop Emeritus of Jakarta, has told AsiaNews that he will not be present - by "free and personal" choice - because of severe health problems.”

“Speaking over the phone from the Jesuit Emmaus House, a retirement home for elderly priests and prelates in Ungaran city, central Java, the prelate emphasizes the "progressive deterioration" of his condition, since he left the archdiocese in the capital two years ago, on having reached retirement age.

““It s mostly my eyesight," he tells AsiaNews quietly but firmly, pointing out that the problem would impose a "serious obstacle" to work within the Conclave, where assistants are not allowed during the election. The inability to read texts and documents is also an obstacle too such a great task which requires serenity and autonomy.”

“"I am convinced - Cardinal Darmaatmadja tells AsiaNews - that I am no longer suitable and proper to sit with other cardinals to vote for the new pope. So I have decided not to go to Rome for that kind of important event in the history of the church."


full article at Vatican Insider

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